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Stock Life Settlements, Inc.

We are a life settlement brokerage specializing in educating and brokering life settlement transactions for the consumer, insurance agents, attorney's and financial planners.   

Passionate About Helping Others

It starts and ends with a passion to help you. There is a very satisfying feeling that comes with each life settlement transaction knowing the large lump sum pay out will help pay for medical bills, supplement retirement, travel or pay off debt. 

Each story is unique and we want to be a part of your story.


The life settlement industry was referred to as the wild wild west a decade ago with many brokers not disclosing procedures or commissions. We take pride in our streamlined and compliant procedures and disclosure of commissions and we want to prove it to you.

We challenge you to compare our services with other life settlement brokerages.  

           Transparent with commissions

Unlike our competition, we want to be very transparent about every part of the life settlement transaction, which certainly includes commissions. Did you know that commissions didn't have to be communicated a decade ago? Now, many states mandate transparency.  We take this one step further and communicate details before we need to.  We aim to be a part of the same team.  Every case can be a win win for all parties involved.


Even in states that are not regulated, we openly discuss our commissions. 

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