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Help Mom and Dad Retire by cashing out their life insurance while alive.

Updated: Jan 11, 2019

Most seniors who have life insurance do not know that they have the potential to sell their life insurance while alive and receive more than 4 times the current cash value.

Many seniors are working well into their 70's. It wasn't the plan, but now feel they don't have a choice as they face medical bills or perhaps they want to help their children or grandchildren.

“There is a valuable hidden asset in life insurance that can be received while living. All financial planners and insurance agents should be talking to their clients about this possibility.--Benjamin Stock”

Many baby boomers focused on financially helping their children go to college or purchase a car or their first home, which delayed retirement savings.

For thousands of seniors, a life settlement transaction has allowed to refill or in some cases secure peace of mind in retirement years.


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