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How much money can I receive if I sell my life insurance policy?

Updated: Jul 9, 2018

Most seniors are unaware that their current life insurance has value while they are living.

Did you know approximately 500,000 policies lapse each year. In 2015, only 1,098 policies were sold in a life settlement transaction.

“The life settlement market is heating up. There is more awareness and transparency along with regulations. This formula creates healthy competition as buyers continue to bring more money into these transactions.”

The market volume of policies sold increased by 32% in 2015 and is set to increase even more in 2016.

Purchasing of smaller face amounts

A few years ago, the market was looking only toward higher face amounts; however smaller face amounts have gained a lot of traction. In fact, many buyers will now consider purchasing policies with face amounts of $100,000 or higher, some going as low as $50,000. This opens up the life settlement conversation to thousands of additional policies

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